Serious Projects

Clojure Bindings for BigML

A Clojure library for interacting with the BigML machine learning API. See the blog post or the code.

Random Sampling

A Clojure library for random sampling. Includes simple in-memory sampling, reservoir sampling, and stream-oriented sampling, along with options for with-replacement, without-replacement, weighting, seeds, and more. See the blog post and check out the code.

Streaming Histograms

A Clojure/Java library providing dynamic histograms for streaming data. Inspired by Ben-Haim’s Streaming Parallel Decision Trees and Tyree’s Parallel Boosted Regression Trees. See a write-up and take a peek at the code.

Sunburst Decision Trees

Visualizing decision trees with D3 using a sunburst approach and a few other bells and whistles. Here’s a example classification tree and an example regression tree.

Visualizing K-Means Clusters

A prototype for interactively exploring k-means clusters with D3. Here are a few examples for red wine clusters, diabetes clusters, and concrete strength clusters.

Fun Projects

Gerrymandering Grades for Congressional Districts

Grades each state and individual districts based on how badly the districts appear to be gerrymandered. District grades are found using the ratio of a district’s area to the area of its convex hull. See the pretty viz and the code used to generate it. — May 2014

Congressional Partisanship

Tracking the voting behavior of the US congress. See the code or the write-up (pretty graphs!). — December 2011

Genetic Gerrymandering

Gerrymandering the state of Oregon with a genetic search. See the write-up (pretty maps!), or jump ahead and checkout a Republican leaning redistricting. — July 2011

Decision Trees on Hadoop

Decision trees go Hadoop-style… back when it was cool? See the write-up or see the (admittedly messy) Java code. — December 2010

Age, Sex, and Athletic Performance

Exploring age and sex grading for swimming (and eventually running). Write-up and code are TBD.

Starmaps in ClojureScript

Showing off a zoomable 2D canvas star map built using Clojurescript. See it in action here or view the project.